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I have been writing and curating unique and engaging content for websites for more than a decade. I also design websites. This helps me create the most user-friendly, engaging copy for websites. Knowing where to place the right information is as important as the copy itself.

Project: "Promoting Gender Equality in Education" Project's Website

British Council

Content Creation and Content Management of the website

"Promoting Gender Equality in Education" Project in Turkey
- Website Content Development and Maintenance
Unlike short and eye-catching social media posts, website content requires a well-refined information for your audience. It should provide enough information for your target group to get to know your brand/project to build trust, but not too much to cause them to lose interest.

I have been writing content for a variety of different projects for many years. May it be for a complicated social policy project or a fun Do-It-Yourself blog, I always find something new to say!

My experience allows me to create reader-friendly website site maps and engaging content.

Let's talk if you need to renew your website content or start from scratch!

Project: "Sew it Yourself" - a DIY blog that I have been writing since 2011.
It has been featured in several platforms because of its rich content and engaging online events.
Language: Turkish

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